What is Lexiconvo?

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

There are a lot of language learning apps - like, a lot, a lot.

And don't get us wrong, language is language and can be learned a million different ways. But when it comes to retaining all that you've learned - not all apps, tools, techniques are created equally.

That's where Lexiconvo comes in.

Our mission is to compile the tools learners use to acquire vocabulary with media formats we all use daily for entertainment and information in order to remember the vocabulary we learn. We're also building on top of the best technology to allow virtual language experiences through AI and Augmented Reality.

Save time, save space, and most of all - save yourself from the frustration of giving up. Lexiconvo brings the language to you. Because it's not enough to just learn a language - you have to live in it.

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