Tutoring & Translations

Tokens make it easy to earn money via 1-on-1 tutoring without pesky exchange rates and delays.

Our LEX token transfers are safe, secure, and swift. 

Becoming an LX Tutor means 

o Choosing your own rates

o Setting your own working hours

o Receiving honest reviews from the LX Community

o Earning quick payments from around the world

Tokenizing the Lexiconvo ecosystem via blockchain eliminates the need for 3rd party payment processors and fees associated with banks and credit cards in order to reward and monetize the services of the roughly 3 billion un-banked individuals worldwide. Users and content contributors can maximize micropayments safely and seamlessly. 

LEX tokens based on the ERC223 protocol are valuable tokens that users can earn, spend, and share to anyone. 

Whether it be a student in Taiwan tutoring a student in Australia, or a French civil engineer earning extra income writing construction Lexiconvo episodes - with tokenization, the only barrier to entry is an internet connection.


By way of blockchain technology that is -- 

distributed open and transparent
cryptographic virtually hack-free
mmutable permanent ledger

 -- we are able to make language learning and participation in the Lexiconvo economy truly accessible to everyone!


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